about moxie

Moxie is a pseudonym for a latetwentysomething Midwestern gal who loves healthy food — and cookies. She’s trying to figure out how to balance the two while applying a cost-benefit analysis to everything else in her life. Sometimes it’s more neurosis than anything else.

You’ll find talk about food, recipes, love, school, travel, money, movies, and more here. Moxie isn’t an expert on very much of anything, but she’s trying to get over her fear of being a novice, attempt the unknown and maybe learn a little something. Thus: Moxie does it.

Moxie can also be found blogging sometimes on Scrawl Zoom Stir a record of challenges, successes and failures triumphed with Cat of Measuring Spoons fame, as well as an occasional guest blog at Blunderbuss.


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